Monday, July 10, 2006

Road tasted, madre approved...

Estamos cansados. Bien cansados.

In the last few hours we traveled from Antigua to the Sunday market in Chichicastenango then to Lake Atitlán and visited the towns of Panajachel and Santiago de Atitlán. Now we're back in Antigua for a few short hours (quite literally, since we have to be on the road by 4:00 am tomorrow), before heading to the ruins of Tikal.

As for our adventures, Chichi was amazing. Overwhelming, but amazing. Let's just say that I no longer fear Christmas shopping at Bellevue Square (obnoxiously busy mall for those of you not from the Seattle area). Jaime kept getting patted down by very young pickpockets in training, and even a few times by me, but that was different. We all escaped unscathed and intact, even managing to get a picture in front of the Cathedral so that Susanita could continue to relive her visit here 32 years before.

Panajachel and the lago were beautiful. We'll let photos speak for themselves, but I should note: there was a REALLY cool waterslide. (Yeah, I all the way to Guatemala just to marvel at a waterslide, but was cool!)

Now, off to bed. More tales of adventure soon.
--Los viajeros


At Friday, July 14, 2006, Blogger Fletch Myster said...

Wow, you two are having a ball... OK, Im trying to hold the jealousy back but your photos and stories are making it REALLLLY hard. As for the water slide, ROCK!!!!! Who cares you had to travel to get there because the travel is half the adventure.

Yo YamYam was wishing you were here because I could use some of your straight home-boy talk; OHSU has made an offer and PSU is attempting to counter. I was on the phone for hours last night soliciting opinions and was disappointed I couldnt give you a jingle.

Hey, you three tear up the continant and have a blast. We will catch you when you get back. Keep blogging and letting us know whats up. Enjoy the Adventure
"The Fletch"


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