Wednesday, July 05, 2006

¿Qué onda vos?

Bienvenidos desde la Antigua, Guatemala.

¡Púchica! Time is flying by down here and we've been busy!

Our travels down to Guatemala were easy, and we got to our hotel the first night without problem. We also found the bar that night and our collective new favorite beer--Gallo--that happens to be the national beer of Guatemala. (How can you not love a beer with a rooster on the label? And the little mini bottles are called "gallitos"--I've never thought of beer as cute before, but these really are!)

Leaving Guatemala City the next morning (Sunday), we headed into Antigua, about 45 minutes away by taxi. It's a beautiful city--even with all of us tourists and language students running around: there are three major volcanos that surround the valley here, adding a great sense of direction to the befuddled traveler; the buildings have managed to maintain that classic brightly colored charm thanks to some recent legistlation and shine in pinks and corals and greens even during the summer rainstorms (which do seem to be taking pity on us so far); cobblestone streets keep us from looking up as much as we'd like, but it also is part of the legistlation that helps keep the Burger King from looking too much like a Burger King from the outside, so it's really hard to complain.

We've been in classes each morning from 8:00 until noon, one on one, all Spanish, no mercy. Certain phrases such as "bone crushing" have been used to refer to the experience (as well as few others that I probably shouldn't write here), but I think we're all surviving, especially since we're on the final push in terms of our academics. Friday will be our last day in Antigua and then the adventure will continue on, thanks to a great travel agent (I'll get the link added soon so that, should you be in the neighborhood, you'll know right where to go.)

More soon!


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