Friday, July 14, 2006

Jaime here...

What's up y'all

Top 10 observations de Jaime
[Note: The views and opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of Srta Marglin. Accordingly, she assumes no responsibility for the views of the author. This page is subject to changes without notice.]:

1.) Those compression bags that you suck all the air out of in order to reduce the size of your luggage really work. Found at Target, $11 bucks or so, check it won't be sorry

2.) When referring to estadounidenses my language instructor before all else wrote down the word 'greed' on my notebook..yikes..books check em' out

3.) I know that I wear the same shirt all the time (see posted photos)
...we're working on it

4.) Milk shakes taste (are) better north of the border..mojitos too

5.) Travel Guitars although functional just aren't the same

6.) You can wash your shoes in the dishwasher; after two weeks in Guatemala, you should...

7.) After two weeks south of the border, it's hard to start throwing your "used" toilet paper (my brother Rob refers to them as "shit wipes," I believe) in the toilet water again

8.) I really enjoy that Jennifer does all the computer posting/communiques...perhaps I am lazy...perhaps she is just much better at it :)

9.) Another use for children could be to eliminate the inevitable "reaching with the right arm self-portraits". Its a fun game...peruse our photos...give yourself 5 points for each one you find where the subject was also the photographer (everybody does it...that's right you too)

10.) Jennifer's friends and family have broken fingers...unless you want Jennifer to become muy triste...y'all better get acquainted with the comment button. Leave any ole' comment you like..ask us to take a photo. For instance, let's say we are on the cruise...don't you want to see some Jamaicans trying to sell us weed? I know I do. [Note to any of Srta. Marglin's students who might be viewing this page: Pictures good, Jamaican jails and being someone's "date" for the night, bad. Just say no.] Just ask: your wish is our command :)

Photos for the people:


At Friday, July 14, 2006, Anonymous Taya said...

I would HATE for Jennifer to become, as you say, muy triste, so here is a comment. Actually, here are several:

(1) It's not broken fingers that are a problem, it's the 13 hour days at the vet hospital.

(2) Jaime really DOES need a new shirt. I hear they have stores in the midwest these days, so I'm sure you will succeed in your quest.

(3) The pictures are beautiful, and it's nice to hear the travel stories. May the rest of your summer be *just eventful enough* but with a minimum of unplanned Jamaican "dates"... :)

Come home safe, sound, and relatively soon!


At Friday, July 14, 2006, Anonymous Sr. y Snr. F said...

We need a picture of James doing a pond dive!!! Master James don't be scared!!

At Friday, July 14, 2006, Anonymous Senor Indy said...

Bong, Bong, Bong, Get the Coney, Get the Coney, Lips are Very.....
Hope you all have a great time in the Fort!
Con Mucho Respecto, Indy

At Saturday, July 15, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

O.k...I'll admit that this is totally cheating, but I don't want y'all to get the wrong idea about my friends. They really do write to me--they just email me instead. I'll work on them. --Jennifer

Here's one from my friend Deborah:

Hola Pepitos.

That is going to have to be the extent of my Spanish for now, since I am off in three days for my own “bone crushing” language experience in France – and you know that my brain can only hold sooooo much!

It was fun to see your pictures, sounds like you are having a good time. You make me want to run out and have a “gallito” as it is climbing into the 80’s here. But, alas, we are currently only enjoying a little respite from a nearby baseball tournament.

Anyway, no big news here – just saying “hello”.

Have fun!


At Saturday, July 15, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and another from my friend Dori! --Jennifer


Love living vicariously through you - yes, I admit I
am 100% jealous as I have come home to a house w/out me in it for most of the last six months - this
includes male refrigerator blindness and step-kids -
yes, a complete package.

Sounds like you are having a blast - learn some
Spanish for me - as you know, mine is really suffering
- aaaghhhh!!!

Cheers -


At Wednesday, July 19, 2006, Anonymous Princess said...

Broken fingers...pshhhhh. My fingers are completely capable of working..however...some of us still have jobs. What the hell am I talking about? Enjoy your trip, while you watch the Cubs play ball...I will be sunning with the celebs. Remember to watch "Open Water" before you get on the cruise boat.....


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