Friday, July 14, 2006

From the jungles of Tikal to the jungles of Seattle...

Jaime and Susanita "pimpin' it" at the Mayan Inn in Chichicastenango

Por fin, estamos en casa.

Yes, es verdad, after surviving a last few days of road warrior fun, we've made it back safe and sound to the Pacific Northwest. We figure we've got just enough time to wash some clothes, pay some bills and repack our bags for the next stages of our summer adventure.

As for those last few days in Guatemala... Let's just say they kept us busy. We left Antigua at 4:00 am on Tuesday, drove to Guatemala City, flew to Flores (nearest airport to Tikal National Park), drove to the Park, dropped our bags and, at 9:00 am, started a four hour trek through the depths of the muggy and buggy jungle that surrounds the great Mayan city. Low on sleep, food, and bug spray, the climb to the top of the tallest pyramid on the site (Templo IV) was all the more heady an experience, for me at least.

Jaime looking back at his conquest of the jungle and Templo IV

Susanita up at the top of Templo IV

Jaime chillin' in Panajachel while overlooking Lake Atitlan

Jennifer trying not to think about how really high up she is

Jaime y Jennifer, trekking onwards

I am off now to wash some clothes and vacuum up two weeks of cat hair so that Jaime will someday come visit me again. Speaking of, he seems to feel like his voice is missing in all of this, so, without further introduction...


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