My name is James Colestock and this is my Internet homestead.

Over the years, this site has served as a forum for me to share my interests and to keep in touch with friends, both old and new.

If you are a current student, head on over to my teacher website where you will find a link to your class website. If you are a former student or teaching colleague, I would love to hear from you! Go to my about page where you can find my contact information.

If you are an educator, then you may want to follow one of my side-projects, Quizdini. Quizdini is an easy-to-use, fun, customizable online learning and assessment tool for teachers who want to provide engaging practice opportunities to their students. Quizdini allows teachers to make quizzes and matching games that put the fun back into traditional drill-and-kill drudgery. You can see Quizdini in action by visiting my Quizdini page.

Prospective employers can view my résumé, verify my credentials, or obtain my contact information by visiting my about page. Additionally, I have links to both example lessons and past class websites that you might find helpful.

Although I recently segued into Education from Information Technology, I still have a lot of useful resources posted on this site that other IT professionals might find useful (take a look at the ‘Retired Tech Stuff’ sidebar menu).

Finally, if you accidentally landed here and are actually looking for my wife, Profe Jennifer Colestock, then go to profe.colestock.com

Thanks for visiting…

James Colestock